A Rich and Vibrant Part of Pontiac’s Culture and History

Contrary to what various public entities and officials have tried to lead the public to believe, the Phoenix Center is an invaluable part of Pontiac’s rich downtown culture.  Indeed, just a few years ago chart-topping rapper Wiz Khalifa performed with Detroit-native Big Sean for an enthusiastic sold-out crowd in the Phoenix Center amphitheatre.

Other major talent, including Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, have also taken the stage at the Phoenix Center.

These fans all came to Pontiac, spent their money in Pontiac’s restaurants and bars, and otherwise contributed to the Pontiac economy.  Demolition of the Phoenix Center means opportunities to attract thousands of concert attendees and top-rated performing artists would no longer exist.  Is this really what’s best for Pontiac?

Here are some “up close and personal” shots of artists rocking out on the Phoenix Center stage.  Photos courtesy of William Dwyer.