A Question of Rights: An Ottawa Towers Editorial

What originally prompted the underlying lawsuit was that, in the Ottawa Towers’ view, certain public officials embarked on a campaign to demolish the Phoenix Center.  As part of this, they used false and doctored information, in a blatant attempt to violate the rights of the Ottawa Towers.  The following documents demonstrate the seriousness of the issue.

For instance, various officials and representatives made what the Ottawa Towers believe to be, in their opinion, misrepresentations to the Oakland County Building Authority about the Phoenix Center’s condition and the positions being taken by the owners of the Ottawa Towers.  This is the Ottawa Towers’ opinion: you decide for yourself.

Excerpt of Meeting Minutes of the Oakland County Building Authority – July 11, 2012
In the view of the Ottawa Towers, what is more egregious is that these public officials engaged an expensive parking engineering/consulting firm, Desman Associates, to perform a study about the Phoenix Center and its condition, hoping that the study would conclude that the deck was structurally unsound and otherwise in need of demolition.  The first draft of the report prepared by Desman Associates did not reflect such a conclusion – in fact, it found that the deck was in “fair to good” condition, and did not need to be demolished.  Undeterred, it appears in the Ottawa Towers’ view that these officials boldly insisted that the report be doctored to reflect the conclusions they wanted it to show.  Accordingly, Desman Associates “edited” the report to reflect the wishes of these officials, thereby changing the substantive conclusions of the report’s authors to suit their whims.


The Oakland Press picked up on the report alteration, landing the story on the front page.